Patrick C. Tamburo

Graduate student in astrophysics.

Welcome! I am a second-year graduate student at Boston University working in the Low-Mass Star Group. My research interests are primarily the detection and charaterization of Earth-like exoplanets. With my advisor, Phil Muirhead, I am currently planning a multi-year search for transiting exoplanets around brown dwarfs, sub-stellar objects that may host ideal targets for follow-up atmospheric characterization with the James Webb Space Telescope. You can view a copy of my CV here.

Recent Results

A selection of some of my latest work.

Variability in 55 Cancri e's Eclipse Depth

55 Cancri e is a transiting super-Earth exoplanet that is in a 0.75-day orbit around a Sun-like star. Using state-of-the-art decorrelation techniques, I confirmed that the planet exhibits significant variability in its eclipse depth, which may be indicative of volcanic activity. Read the paper here: Tamburo, P., Mandell, A., Deming, D., & Garhart, E. 2018, AJ, 155, 5.

Evidence for a Stratospheric Temperature Inversion on WASP-18b

I co-authored a paper that found evidence for a stratospheric temperature inversion on the hot Jupiter exoplanet WASP-18b. Earth hosts such a temperature inversion in the ozone layer, which helps protect us from damaging radiation. As a result, understanding temperature inversions may have important implications in the search for life on exoplanets. Read the paper here: Sheppard, K., Mandell, A. M., Tamburo, P. et al. 2017, ApJL, 850, 2. Read the NASA press release here.