Muirhead Group Welcomes Dr. Bryce Croll to BU

We are excited to welcome Dr. Bryce Croll to our group!  Dr. Croll just started as a senior postdoctoral associate in the Institute for Astrophysical Research here at BU.  He joins us by way of MIT, where he was a NASA Carl Sagan Fellow for several years.  Prior to that he received his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Toronto.  That’s him on the left coordinating a public event in Canada to observe the transit of Venus in 2012:


Bryce is a world expert in exoplanet atmospheresatmospheric loss in exoplanetsprecise ground-based infrared photometry, and exploiting industry advances in infrared detectors, to name a few of the topics he has researched.  

He has also coordinated some impressive outreach projects.  He arranged to ship 43,000 eclipse observing glasses across Canada to observe the 2012 transit of Venus.  In 2014, along with Dr. Zach Berta-Thompson, he arranged The Art of Astrophysics event at MIT, showcasing artwork by local scientists.  We are coordinating a proposal to the BU Arts Initiative to do something similar here at BU, which is very exciting!

My group is looking forward to working with Bryce on projects involving the Perkins 72-inch Telescope and the Mimir instrument, which are well-suited for precise infrared photometric studies of stars and exoplanets.  More on that to come.

Welcome Bryce!

-Phil Muirhead