Four Talks at Know Thy Star

Very happy to report that four group members will be giving talks at Know Thy Star - Know Thy Planet from October 8 to 12 in Pasadena, CA: myself, postdoc Dr. Julie Skinner and PhD candidates Eunkyu Han and Mark Veyette.  The Science Organizing Committee for the conference was very generous offering us all talks, and we are excited to deliver some cool results.  Eunkyu’s paper on hyper-inflated M dwarfs was just published in The Astronomical Journal, Dr. Skinner's PALE ALE project is set to have its first paper published this year (a riff on TRAPPIST…), and Mark will present new results from his Keck program on M dwarf metallicities (also should be published this year).

We’re looking forward to a great meeting!   Thanks again to the conference organizers.

-Phil Muirhead